Monday, January 17, 2005

Plenty of other drugs in the sea.

What in the fuck. What the hell was I thinking the other night? It’s a good thing I’m surrounded by amazing people who help keep my idiocy in check most of the time. But then I do something like the other night’s escapade. I’ve become reckless, and I really just need to chill and have some patience/gain some perspective. This is not serving anybody well, and will just end up hurting people I care about. Ugh. I have got to stop drinking while I’m in this questionable emotional state.

L is perceptive and rational and great to talk things through with. When we were leaving the bar, I just gave her a hug and said, “You know me too well.” It’s kind of scary yet comforting at the same time I guess, to be seen so clearly by any one person. I like to spread the knowledge around a little bit more. Could be why I’ve been feeling so isolated these days, though.


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