Wednesday, August 15, 2007

There it is, we are only one push from the nest.

Went to a wedding up in the finger lakes last weekend. It was fun. Saw family members I just about never see. The lake town was sweet and the weather was beautiful. It was a gorgeous weekend.

One of said family members is a second cousin (or something removed, I’ve never really gotten how that works) who’s a lot of fun. I enjoyed talking and joking with him. He’s just about my age (a few years younger, I think) and so far he’s done three tours of duty in Iraq. Right now he’s in the Reserves and going to school, and could be sent back at any time.

I’m sitting there drinking, eating, enjoying myself, and I’m all, “I live in the city, work in the arts, and spend a lot of time worrying about my own happiness.”

His family is overjoyed at having him home, and lives in fear of the day he might have to return. Another cousin on that same side of the family couldn’t be at the wedding because he was…where? You guessed it! Iraq.

Oh, well, I um, make...pottery.


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